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Talaash could definitely glue you to the screen till the big reveal at the end

Name: Talaash
Language: Hindi
Director: Reema Kagti
Year of Release: 2012

Talaash is not an illogical romantic yawn nor a swashbuckler questioning the existence of physics but plot wise the movie goes beyond the borders. Thanks to Reema Kagti for giving me a chance to remember that 14 year old Oscar nominated paranormal thriller which was made by an Indian origin. I wish the pre-release speculations of the movie as a remake of Shutter Island was true for it could have definitely be a better treatment. However due to exceptional technical perfection, scrumptious score & above all by the brilliance of Aamir Khan, Talaash eventually turned out to one among the better films of the year.

Though the trailers established well cemented expectations for a complex thriller, Talaash bear a very simple plot. Actually that's the one and only flaw of this movie. Unfortunately its impact was more disappointing than Reema assumed. The movie opens with a mysterious car accident causing the demise of a movie star. Inspector Shekhawat, who is busy in his battle against his guilt over a personal loss,investigates the case. Meanwhile he approached by an irresistible hooker named Rozi who later becomes an important turning point in the case. What appeared to be a car accident is not the as he going deep from the crust. How Shekhawat solves this high profile case is the crux of the story.

Aamir Khan's amazing endowment in making a mediocre story interesting once again mirrors in Talaash, albeit it was not enough to save the movie. Surjan Singh Shekhawat is definitely one of his career though I expected something outstripping  Ajay Singh Rathod of Sarfarosh & Amar Damjee of Baazi. The remorseful father is definitely the best of Aamir from recent times. Those silent tears speaks a lot !! After the terrible 80's South Indian masala dance paradoy in Aiyaa, Rani sans makeup is back with a performance that reminds her glorious days. The grieving mother and the troubled wife was well secured in Rani's hands. Nawazuddin Siddiqui who already proved his talents in Anurag Kashyap flicks reinforce his seat again with the limping Tehmur.

Talaash is deliciously widening its search in a slow pace from a gripping environment. The camera scrolls o the isolated nukes of the Mumbai city many times forcing us to think at least on those flunked lives. The RGB canvas of cinematographer Mohanan & the pithy shearing by editor Anand Subaya plays a great role in turning this mediocre writing to an engaging fragment. Though the last 10 minutes offers the greatest disappointment we can ever confront for an Aamir Khan movie, Taalsh is highly atmospheric and immersive till then.The moody music and background score by Ram Sampath was truly mind blowing and goes directly to the personal playlists of many. Cheers to Javed Akthar for those eloquent lines. None among them disappoints and my personal favorite is 'Laakh Duniya Kahein'. As the tag line of the movie says, 'the answer lies within' - yes it is totally residing in the album.

It might not be a coincidence that Reema Kagti's earlier written-directorial venture 'Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd' also had the similar fate.Obviously Reema has the potential to make gorgeous and engaging films but as a writer, she is still at the downmarket. Better to say truly pathetic !! The biggest mystery in the movie are the additional dialogues written by Anurag Kashyap. It would be a great help if someone could tell which are those lines.

Talaash could definitely glue you to the screen till the big reveal. Unfortunately it never glues to your heart. You might enjoy but assures you that you wont leave the theater with a smile on face.

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